Captain Darrius Calhoon

120+ year old, Old Repubic Veteran


Captain Calhoon is a career officer. He served the Old Republic, then the Empire and then was drummed out of active service due to age. Not willing to rest on his laurels he scraped together everything he had earned, every friend and favor he could pull and bought himself an aging KDY Class C frigate “Longhorn”. The vessel is now crewed by his “family” of service professionals that are nearly as old as he is.

He is operating as a mercenary Captain for hire.
“Longhorn” Refit Kuat Drive Yards Class C Frigate
The Longhorn has a long and illustrious history serving the old republic and the empire as well. It’s previous owners maintained the vessel well and its refit brought it to beyond imperial spec. In many ways, the craft is better than a Nebulon B after the refit. Her crew is a battle hardened, group of retired service men and women from all over the galaxy that are just too damned stubborn to quit. Average age of the crew is 60+ in equivalent human or alien age (Middle aged or greater). However, the ships doctor tends to get visited frequently and the ship uses 8 times it’s normal supply of medical aid and 10 times the normal amount of bacta treatments. The ships crew is accident prone and this causes shortages of crew at times and exhaustion of other crew members covering for sick and disabled members of the crew. Roughly 200 crew members are 80-120 years in age.


Darrius is a career officer. He’s proud of his accomplishments, his status as Captain and the fact that he’s just too damn stubborn to retire.

He has never seen fit to marry, though several of the crew members are related to him directly and indirectly…

Captain Darrius Calhoon

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